Orihime Inou Sketch!

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Orihime Inou Sketch! Empty Orihime Inou Sketch!

Post  Asilia on Mon Sep 24, 2007 6:51 am

Ok, since I saw spyre's "how to draw anime" video I decided that I'd like to draw anime too, not only that but I have always like to doodle and draw on the side of my page creating anime people and diffrent things. Though this sketch is not an orginal of mine I wanted to see how I could do copying a drawing. Well, I am new blood around here so thats also kind of why im posting this. I have been drawing for about a month im not getting a scanner untill later this week so for now ill have to use my camera. Any advice would be great, and thanks in advance to spyre and everyone else.

Orihime Inou Sketch! OrihimeInouSketch.


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Orihime Inou Sketch! Empty Re: Orihime Inou Sketch!

Post  PrinceElvin on Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:35 am

Well, you know what we say, the first step is to start copying

Edit: Yay!! it's Orihime Very Happy (I just started watching Bleach 4 days ago and now I know who that is; on episode 88 right now and watching it (10-23-07))

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