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Post  Fabiafidus on Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:50 pm

Hello everyone, im new here.

I got a huge interrest in anime, so i bought a wacom bamboo talent and got the Sai paint software.

Anyways, im not gonna make my "hello" thread here so i just get to the point Smile

Some of my drawings:

Fabiafidus' art Blood_elf_Death_knight___2_by_Animeculture
Fabiafidus' art Anime_girl___Trippleview___by_Animeculture
Fabiafidus' art Sunset____Unfinished___by_Animeculture

The last one is a wallpaper i've been working with. however. im not gonna finish it. (i made that one along time ago)

Very Happy

On a sidenote i would like to say that im fairly new to drawing using a tablet.. (started about 1 month ago)
Very Happy


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